Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Only Three Allowed...

Year 3011, the trees have all vanished, the sky was now covered with a thick blanket of smoke and there was snow everywhere. Oxygen was now being supplied by pipelines to the houses. I got married 8 months back; dad was in govt institute so we got our extra quota of oxygen in the house. He was now not keeping well, was on oxygen supply mask and would talk less; he hadn’t moved out of his bed since weeks, would only move his eyes. I knew it was only a matter of few days.

My wife was pregnant, she was expecting in few weeks. Along with my father’s health I was now also worried about the new Govt rules, only three persons were allowed in a family, if you are already three, you cannot have a child or a fourth family member. Even I was allowed to marry when my mother passed away a year ago.

I had already received a notice when her pregnancy was detected, they had insisted for an abortion, my lawyers are still on it, but they say that I stand a very weak chance.
3011, my Dad, my wife and myself, only three could live. Times have changed they were allowing four a few years ago. Times have changed.  I had even thought of committing suicide, so that at least my child could live, but then it would be difficult for her to live alone with the child.

Today, she was uncomfortable, labour pain had started. I called for the ambulance it would reach in some time. I was confused, scared. The department people will be at the hospital surely, they would not let us have the baby. I called my lawyer, he said he was helpless. I kept gazing at the ceiling thinking.   

The ambulance reached, started honking at the doorstep. The nurse came in and took my wife to the ambulance. I just asked them for few minutes so that I can go tell my DAD that I will be back in some time.
I went to his room, he was still, in very deep sleep perhaps, it was 3 AM. The oxygen supply mask was still there on his nose. He had to be given pure oxygen, doctor had ordered it. I put my hand on his head, caressed his head and kissed on his wrinkled cheek. I would do this daily before going to office. I looked at the wall , the photograph was still there, me sitting on his shoulders, I was five then. My eyes were moist , tears dropped on the bed sheet, it missed his hand by few inches. With one hand still on his head, I moved my hand towards the oxygen valve and closed it slowly.

Sitting inside the ambulance, I went numb, could only hear the faint cries of my wife and the nurse comforting her. I hadn’t spoken a word after I sat in the ambulance.

As soon as we reached the hospital my wife was taken into the operation theatre. The doctor came to me with a form, along with the department people.

“You will have to abort this kid, you cannot have him”

I said,  I will have to call my father and ask him.

They allowed me one phone call.

I came back from the phone booth after few minutes and said.

“.....................................................He is not picking up”

We had a baby boy......... 


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Dr.(capt) Alok Ranjan said...

Another Great story !

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Fathers !

speechless .. wonderful execution of the thought..

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emotional kar diya bhayi.

Not on the same line but here is the piece on my blog pointing towards the tragidy of future htpp://
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Very Nice :)

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Good one sir.. :)

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As usual a great story from you.
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I have no words.
Wow. Just wow.

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Good thinking out of the box. But, I dont wish this at all :)

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Kya Vidambana batayI hai bhawisya ki.. exceptional writing..

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Your stories show how well you observe things...wonderful Mr. Baria