Monday, October 10, 2011

I was better when i was small
friends were all, no enemies at all
i grew up tall and selfish i became
all those around now are no more the same
some call me foe and some call me pal
i was better when i was small

I gave beggars what they called money,
even though i hadn't any
Today in my pocket i have my purse
but what i give is only the curse
i don't even listen , when they call
i was better when i was small

i didn't know what truth was , when i was young
but it was the only thing on my tongue
i cried a lot when it pained, i danced a lot when it rained
now i have my umbrella for the rain, and i have lost tears for the pain
i cannot even cry today when i trip and fall
i was better when i was small

i didn't knew which way was right or wrong
i only knew to move along
i used to scream , shout and sing
playing was the only thing
i don't have my cap today , i don't have my ball
i was better when i was small

The years have made me like a stone,
i stand on a mountain today, but i stand alone
I know i have grown, big , strong and tall
But i was better when i was small..


AGRINEER said...



Dandiwakh said...

WoW!!!! very nice... excelent poem.. More power to you

SunSandRain said...

Wo bachpan ki maasumiyat kho jaati hai jab hum yathaakathit bade ho jaate.. You have covered it so well. Kudos!


Arppit said...

Beautiful and yes very true for one and all :)